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Mountain Hardwear is a subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear based in Richmond, California that manufactures and distributes apparel, accessories and equipment primarily for the high performance needs of mountaineering enthusiasts and outdoor athletes, as well as for consumers who are inspired by the outdoor lifestyle.

A former employee describes Mountain Headwear as a "Company identity lost in parent company priorities" and contributes as a glaring exposé 8 reasons why Mountain Headwear certainly sucks:

1. Poor communication between all channels of organization. 2. Identity crisis as Mountain Hardwear retail was started out of Columbia's interest. 3. Threatening environment for out of box thinking. 4. Reactionary business model. 5. Very seldom communication from Mountain Hardwear corporate, almost entirely directed under Columbia directives. 6. A lack of product training. 7. Process over people. 8. No development and organizational advancement.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Columbia management doesn't understand the business."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"The executive team is horrible. They have no vision, are only looking out for themselves, and very quick to throw people on the bus."


"Poor leadership, poor pay, new leadership turning it into a culture of individuals rather than a team"

Former Employee - Floor Supervisor says

"-Poor communication between all channels of organization. -Identity crisis as Mountain Hardwear retail was started out of Columbia's interest. -Threatening environment for out of box thinking -Reactionary business model -Very seldom communication from Mountain Hardwear corporate, almost entirely directed under Columbia directives -A lack of product training -Process over people -No development and organizational advancement"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Execution hampered by large parent company systems and processes. Employees are not well compensated, which contributes to the brands inability to stay competitive among other things. Talks the talk on ECO, but does not really take steps to minimize footprint."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"low compensation, lots of time spent at office"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hours get gnarly and very unpredictable during peak seasons. There is a general lack of direction for the brand which makes the day to day seem tedious at times."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Most associates are young and working their way through school, or retired and just seeking something to keep viable and busy. But, as with nearly all attitudes about working in a retail job...working the retail side of this company sucks. It's easy to become part of the management store team as long as you work hard and make your absence felt, however, you MUST understand that you have to conform to the current mindset of abuse and bullying that is being promoted. Also, you can't: think for yourself, or be a good person AND be an effective company manager nor can you call out 'bad' management behavior because they don't care...there is no one who cares about the treatment of the employees...pnly SALES. And, if you don't like a particular employee (don't get me started on the sexism/racism issues) all you have to do is let them fail by refusing to mentor, train and/or manage their success. You make it their fault they are failing and BINGO! Unwanted employee---gone! Problem solved. If retail store management was strong in that ALL store employees were held responsible to their position's expectations and regarded as part of a successful, thriving TEAM and not pawns to use and abuse at the hands of ineffective, insecure and petty managers, working at the retail level of this company would be pretty good...if not EXCEPTIONAL."

Current Employee - Washington says

"Columbia Sportswear treats MHW like the red-headed step-child rather than its the high end outdoor retailer that it is."

Product Line Manager (Former Employee) says

"The executive team is very quick to throw others under the bus. They're very self interested and are not a group to learn from. They play favorites and are very quick to push people aside. They're is an odd focus on youth , and the majority of hires seem centered about that."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Mountain Hardwear is trying to figure it out. Management has been very revolving door and while I believe pay has increased, was dismal there for too long. I had some opportunity to climb at the company until I clearly hit a ceiling. Upper management did not foster growth well.Outdoor culture (laid back + casual attire), dogs at workLacks leadership direction"

Chris Martineau says

"It takes a lot to get me to post a negative review however I feel like its needed. I understand its stated that there is a 5-7 day processing time but I also understand that "out of stock" merchandise should be communicated on the website, which mine was not. I was stoked on my new snowboard purchase, I even saved a few bucks, however I was immediately turned away when I was informed my credit card was charged in full yet the product needed to be ordered from the manufacturer, shipped to their facility, and then to me. C'mon, it's 2013. There's a faster, more customer intuitive action then what you have in place now. Get it to the customer as fast as you can if something like this happens! I just expect more from an online company and those expectations have not been met. I hope they turn things around."

Jonathan England says

"I happened across via priceblink and ordered a North Face jacket at a terrific price! +5 stars Prior to ordering, the site informed me, in bold red letters that the product "Ships After 5-7 Business Days." -1 stars I figured why not, I've never heard of this company before, but they offered free shipping, so I bit. +3 stars As of today (Jan, 20th, 2013), it has been 11 days since I placed my order and my product has still not shipped. -2 stars So, I got a little worried and I called the customer service number. There I spoke to a very snippy customer service rep. who reminded me of the 5-7 business day delay. She unapologetically informed me that my only option was to continue waiting. -4 stars TL;DR: I probably won't order from o2gs again. I saved 20 bucks but it's been 11 days and my order still hasn't shipped."

Cynthia Kitch Reid says

"I ordered a Patagonia pullover on this website that stated it was in stock. They charged my credit card. They emailed me after a week or so and told me they don't have my item and I had to contact them to tell them what to do about it. Obviously they should have cancelled the order and automatically refunded me. I had to email them and cancel the order and they told me it would be another 3-5 days before I would be refunded. NOT acceptable."

Haley Steinberger says

"Where to begin? I found a Patagonia parka on this website for a good $150 cheaper than other retailers, so I was initially very excited to order from this company. Although it did take a good three weeks to receive my order, all would have been just fine had it been the right size. Turns out the coat was too big and I had to send it back. I had a trip coming up, so couldn't wait for an exchange to be processed. For this reason, I sent it as a return and placed a separate order for the correct size. Now began the drama of o2gearshop "customer service." First of all, the website lists their return policy as "easy," yet it is by far the most overcomplicated set of return procedures I have ever encountered with an online company. If your return packaging does not EXACTLY meet their long list of specifications, they threaten to charge you a 15% "processing" fee. For a $250 item, that's pretty ridiculous. If such a fee exists, it should absolutely be a small flat rate. That said, I followed their requirements exactly, payed $16 to ship it back via UPS trackable shipping, and was informed that the package would be received by 12/19/12. It is now 1/4/13 and I haven't even gotten an email stating that they have received the return. I attempted to contact them a week ago through secure message on their website, but have received no response. That is truly horrible customer service. And finally, the website does say that recrediting your card may take "up to two billing cycles." I find this AWFULLY interesting, since in order to file a chargeback with your credit card company, you have have not yet payed the amount in question. After two billing cycles, most people would want to have payed off that charge, in order to avoid paying interest. In other words, having this ridiculous 60-day recrediting policy significantly diminishes consumer ability to refute the charge with their credit card company. Nice. Needless to say, this will be my last order with It has BY FAR been my most disappointing online shopping experience to date."

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